Road to Safety CEMEX Gypsum has a target of zero injuries and does not accept unsafe working practices. Accident prevention, safeguarding employee health and environmental protection are an integral part of CEMEX Gypsum's business philosophy. It is company policy that all operations are safe for personnel, communities and the environment.

All employees must comply to the policy which is used to ensure health and safety arrangements are clear, implemented and constantly reviewed. CEMEX Gypsum expects documented plans to be developed throughout the business detailing health and safety targets, which are formally monitored, to ensure they deliver continuous improvements.

Zero4Life & Policies

Zero4Life & Policies The zero in Zero4Life means zero recordable injuries, job-related illnesses, preventable vehicular incidents and environmental events. The 4 relates to the four fundamental principles of achieving zero injuries and occupational illnesses: accountability, behavior, communication and dedication.

'Life' means living safely off the job and sharing this value with our contractors, vendors, families and friends. It means doing what is necessary to sustain zero, but also taking safety awareness beyond the workplace into our homes and our communities. Zero4Life also means Integrating safety into our daily lives and into everything we do as individuals and as an organization.